People often ask “would I benefit from Pilates?”. We answer, invariably, “yes”.

How can you be so sure that Pilates would benefit you when we don’t know what your problems are?

1 on 1 pilates heathmontThe vast majority of people spent their lives in one position which generally our bodies over stretched, under utilized and generally abused.  We are born to move, however our modern day lifestyle of remote TV, mobile phones, cars and …. You get the picture … All of these things have made us lazy and more susceptible to injury.  So what happens we put on weight and then we feel guilty, so then we train!  We train our poor little underworked over stretched bodies to there limit and then the inevitable happens, we break.  It may only be a minor ache, or a tiny tear but it’s broken nonetheless!

Our bodies are truly amazing  …. We carry on pulling, swinging, pushing …  and our body compensates! It either makes us stiff, or asymmetrical, or some other version of compensation and we cope well for a while.  And then we break some more!  And so the story continues.

So what can you do to stop this vicious cycle?  PILATES!

Physiotherapist Clare Singleton consults with patients so they can achieve their best in their pilates sessions – setting individualised goal oriented program.  Whether you are wanting to get through a day without back pain, or run your first or fiftieth ultra marathon you will benefit from pilates.