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Clare Singleton, Senior Sports Physiotherapist

Clare Singleton - Sports PhysiotherapistClare is a physiotherapist with a passion for knowledge and a desire to help patients to help themselves.  Clare has… Read More

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Mark Manginsay, Physiotherapist

Mark is a Physiotherapist. Mark speaks English and Filipino. Call 9722 9200

 Rachel Munnink, Podiatrist

Rachel is a Podiatrist who has predominately worked in private practice since completing her studies at LaTrobe University. Rachel has particular interest in … Read More

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Cher Yinn Twe, Dietitian

Cher holds a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics and Master in Public Health. An Accredited Practicing Dietitian since 2011, she has comprehensive experience working in … Read More



Daniel Atkinson, Exercise Physiologist

Daniel is an accredited Exercise Physiologist … Read More

Lisa VanDerZee, Musculoskeletal Therapist/Myotherapist/Dry Needling/Cupping

Lisa is a Musculoskeletal Therapist who has a passion for helping people with their pain and discomfort. Whether it be from postural dysfunctions or injuries, Lisa is dedicated to finding and treating the source of the problem.Musculoskeletal Therapy focuses on the treatment and management of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction of the muscles, joints, and nerves.Since graduating with a degree in mid 2015 Lisa has enjoyed treating a mixture of common conditions including neck, low back, hip and knee pain, TMJ dysfunction, headaches, tennis elbow, shin splints, carpal tunnel syndrome and frozen shoulder.With a chronic condition herself, Lisa knows the struggles associated with chronic pain and will use her knowledge along with a medical history, postural assessment, and orthopaedic testing to come up with a treatment plan that best suits you. Using various techniques, treatment may include dry needling, joint mobilisations, trigger point therapy, cupping, stretching, and massage.In her spare time Lisa loves scuba diving, camping, going to the footy, pilates, making raw cakes, and weekends away exploring.Lisa VanDerZee’s interests include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Chronic Pain, Chronic Pain Management, Cupping, Dry Needle Therapy, Frozen Shoulder, Musculoskeletal Pain, Shin Splints and Trigger Point Therapy

 Caroline Burrows, Psychotherapist.

Psychotherapist Psychotherapist

Caroline Burrows is a Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Clinical Social Worker. She has a particular interest and extensive experience in the treatment of anxiety, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in adults and adolescents. She is registered with Medicare Australia, so patients can be referred to her under a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan. Self-referrals are also welcome. Additionally, Caroline is a provider for Victims of Crime, TAC, Work Cover and DVA. She is warm, compassionate and non-judgemental in her counselling approach. Call 9722 9200 to book an appointment


Ted Zeng, Chinese Medicine/Acupuncturist/Herbalist

Ted holds a double-degree in Human Biology and Chinese Medicine from RMIT, and has been a registered Chinese medicine (acupuncturist / herbalist) practitioner since 2011. He has special interests in the treatment of chronic diseases and neurological issues.
After following and learning from many masters in the art of healing from all over the world in the last 10 years, Ted has acquired a comprehensive understanding of the human body and psyche, and it is reflected in his unique style of healing which incorporates meditation, sound therapy and counseling together with acupuncture and herbal medicine.
Ted strives to help his patients in taking the power of healing and recovery back into their own hands, as he knows that diseases are not to be feared, but to be respected, and the path of healing is a self-empowering process.
Conditions which can be addressed:
* Gastro-intestinal conditions including IBS and chronic fatigue syndrome.
* Infertility including IVF support.
* Painful conditions such as chronic migraine, lower back pain, and sciatica
* Women’s issues including irregular menstruation, painful menstruation, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and UTI.
* Neurological issues including: Bell’s Palsy, Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and nerve injuries due to trauma.
* Cancer support

Call 9722 9200 to book an appointment with Ted